Me, me, me

If you have found yourself here on my page, it is either by accident OR that you already know me.

So assuming that you reading this is an accident, it seems only sensible to introduce myself. I am Jade, and currently 25years old (that’s the basics covered!). I decided to start blogging because I have lots going on in my life which might be considered interesting, for example, I am studying for a masters (in the topic of domestic and sexual violence)and working full time as team leader in a youth work company.

I also have ALOT of opinions on matters of social justice and equality. Additionally I consider myself to be a level 5 adult so I have some knowledge on mortgages, travelling and living with a 26year old man child.

So to ease you all in, take five and watch the video.

When I watched this I found I could relate. Growing up in school I always felt like the fish, being Dyspraxic meant that whilst I am not stupid, I always felt stupid because I didn’t learn like everyone else. I couldn’t remember the answers and I was never in the ‘top sets’ at school and my grades were always lower than my friends. This all meant that growing up I had real confidence issues around learning. Yet here I am today with a 1st class degree in sociology and studying for a masters. And I am proud to be a fish.

Any other fishes out there?